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United States gun law

I know most of you have heard this already, but I think it is time to give my opinion about what I think isn’t right in the US. It is legal to buy guns in the United States. this was because people could arm themselves to be protected.

But now, things are changing. the people are getting more and more openly aggressive to each other. for example take the local aggression in palringo, if you challenge a random dude with ‘I’m better than you!’ it might escalate with loads of bad words.

People get more aggressive, thus we should protect ourselves with guns? I think the aggression comes form frustration. the frustration of many things and I can’t tell what is happening to them. this ends up that the people want to feel more powerful, and what gives you power? Guns is the answer.

If a crazy bastard starts shooting, hell breaks loose. People want to arm themselves to feel save. But what if you could have no guns at all? there would be no reason to arm yourself. because the threat has vanished. this example shows that the thread is the safety.

I feel this isn’t right, how more crazy bastards the more people will arm themselves and thus making even MORE crazy bastards. This is a loop, that of course doesn’t end.

I fence, and I know it feels great to hold a weapon. but what you get learned at fencing, your opponent holds the same weapon, thus making you vulnerable. I wouldn’t feel save even when I have a gun in the United States.

The United States want that the civilians are feeling safe in their own country. but you can’t guarantee that if your whole street is armed and everybody is for themselves. A common fact in the United States is that most of the people are for themselves.

As I said before, the only solution to feel somewhat safer is to get rid of the guns. I know that a lot of people wouldn’t agree because the guns are their hobbies. To don’t get these people mad, we should regulate the gun use. You won’t be allowed to take any guns with you, but must left at the shooting range.

The problem then would be that there won’t be any space to hold so many guns. The Solution would be to make more shooting ranges, or to expand the current size of them. The gun shops should be inside the shooting ranges. When you buy a gun, the shooting ranges is registering your new gun and will be stored inside it.

These consequences are to guarantee the safety of the people. I think most of what I have said here will think it is ridiculous. But what you should think actually is that the impact of one shooting, crosses the borders. What I am trying to say is: the impact of one single shooting affects the whole world.

A Dutch man

USMC has ended (once again)

i am very sad to tell this, but kity has ended USMC for real.

you can no loger join this clan but our website will still be online for tips and info.

the majority of USMC has gone to OP4, another clan.  if you want to play with the old members of USMC go the to OP4 clan on palringo.