Hall Of Fame

This is all of USMC’s once best players now in this Hall Of fame 2008-2012


USMC_M0NSTER_MS (USMC_Sniperkity): Creator of this once great and powerful clan

USMC_BLACK_OPS: was also the leader and was with USMC since the beginning

USMC_R0B_FML_: Was co-leader of this clan for 2 years and made the website

Co Leader(s)

USMC_Fatality: great member who was with USMC since the beginning

USMC_Beast444(MC3) Was the co-leader that tested all incoming members

XxUSMC_ATOMICxX(MC2): Was co-leader who tested all incoming members/ one of the most loyal

USMC_Gunny: Great member who help with this site and was with us for years


USMC_Josedadude: A more recent but still equally skilled player as the rest of are members. and truly a loyal member

USMC_joshuayee: One of the few members that made it in/ for over a year and a very loyal clan member and made the Facebook page

USMC_Bondzox: one of the few members who made it in/ since the beginning

USMC_Inferno: one of the few members who made it in/ great player

USMC_SUP3R_BOSS: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_Ka0T1c_360: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_Sn4PB4CK: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_CLOWN: one of the few members who made it in/ was one of are best players in mc2

USMC_GodMonkey: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_KSA (Cole): one of the few members who made it in

USMC_P1VMASTER: one of the few members who made it in/ and was with USMC since the beginning, and are most loyal clan member

USMC_MENACE: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_Lzr: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_Fusiionz: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_BEAST_BOSS: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_Yorisora: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_GHOST: one of the few members who made it in

USMC_NATO one of the few members who made it in, and a true loyal member

USMC_ELIT_B34ST one of the few members who made it in/ one of the most loyal and achieved a 23 killstreak


221 responses to “Hall Of Fame

  1. if ur wondering, I chaneged my name to: USMC_B34ST_FL3
    i missed having beast in my name. and ever since ive changed my name, my wifi hasnt been laggy and ive been a BEAST!!!

  2. who is american dream? and i like the new look. its awesome. great idea leaders. also, can we put under my name “longest killstreak: 23” under my name 🙂 . if u dont want to u dont have to. also please put up USMC_CAMO_FL3. he is a new member and is really good. he is rank 69 with a kdr of 1.96. he uses the camo. thanks.

    • Hi kitty I got a new iPod :D! Can I join back? Btw school’s going easy so I can be on again for 4-5 days a week

  3. guys sorry that ive not been on lately, school has been giving a lot of homework and i do not have an ipod at the moment. it is comeing in the mail.

      • well technically if there are more than one leaders they are co leaders. And guys, could I please replace Fatal? I have led 2 clans before (SSPK. ISAF) and I know fatal personally. It’s okay if you guys don’t accept, but I really want to lead a clan again.

      • we have a three person leadership, because its better to have 3 people at the top in a form of think tank rather than having one leader making all the decisions and co-leaders not really challenging the ideas

  4. kitty earlier said i could have tho co leader position or the advisor, i said advisor because i didnt want to take co leader from fatal. but i dont really care. if someone really wants, it i dont need it.

  5. I like it!
    Props to gunny and elit especially.
    I would like to apologize for my lack of presence in pal or mc3. I have the same lame excuse as everyone else (tons of schoolwork) but I am sure that you all understand.
    Once again, good job gunny and elit. Yuo have earned those spots.

  6. Btw guys im still in usmc but can i join u5mc? I kno u guys still think im new but ive really improved at sniping now and yea. If not its ok ill just stay usmc.

  7. What’s up kitty I joined va so how’s USMC(U5MC) I heard USMC and USMM And U5MC was dead is that true also I can’t come on pal anymore so I’ll talk on this

  8. Kity send a message in GL to me need to talk to u I’ve sent a friend request don’t know if it’s the right kity

  9. kitty i talked to bagel man and he said that he will retire because he hardlt plays mc2 and mostly plays bops and mw3 now.

  10. Hi guys i only just passed test today against USMC_BEAST444. My gameloft live acc is my_guitar123 and my usmc name is USMC_Guitar_123. I have pal on my itouch if u wanna message me

  11. Hi guys i Posted a comment here sayin to add me to ur list but my usmc name in that was USMC_Guitar123. But i changed it to USMC_GuitarHero. Just lettin you know

      • my mc3 rank is 81
        mc2 is 59

        my kdr is 1:45 and USMC_BEAST444 trialled me
        and i got in.

        cant wait till 44 revolver

      • Cool, yeah the revolver is not that good cause it’s only one more powerful than desert eagle and only shoots six shots and and has slow firer rate but it’s still cool that their is a revolver in the modern combat series.

  12. guys, we really need to update this page, make it into mc3 divisions. we also need to play every usmc member again to see if they have improved and have wat it takes to be in usmc. we want to be elite, also, NO HACKING IN USMC. be sure to try your best to get on at least twice a week. that would be great.

    • well theres no use in re applying every member, but we do need to update, ask kitty or bops cause they have all the members.

  13. Hi
    If you have seen my profile on mc3, i have been reset for money hacking.
    THIS IS NOT TRUE! my acct got hacked by some idiot, but he never changed the password!!! so i emailed gameloft and they said they had to reset me 😦

    • or…. you could have changed ur password and then blocked the hacker out and then not tell gameloft and then u would have ur stuff and maybe infiite gold… or maybe just ur earned gold but not infinate…

      quote: ” There’s an easy way round everything.”

  14. Now im just lagging like hell on campaign and multiplayer.the worst part is it was working really great last nite, and then today it just lags like no tomorrow again 😦

  15. Oh lol i just realized this is in american time and im in NZ and its 9:30pm now :D. Freakin MC3 lag!!!

    • ok, if this doesnt work i dont know man: turn of multitasking apps… it will cause lag as well. and another feature of multitasking what apple didnt said: battery life will be shortended if many apps are powerd on….

  16. oh, and what ipod or iphone do you have (i didnt say ipad because that already runs on the A4 or A5 chip depending on the ipad you have…)

  17. ugh the computers here at school have lag as hell,
    i acedently putted 2 the same comments

    linux –> virtual box (lets u run another operating system on a pc) win. xp
    processor –> is 5 years old
    RAM –> 1 GB i believe
    video card –> none! u cant even play boxhead (shittyest TPS (third person shooter) ever!)

    so ignore doubble comment!!

  18. i am on ipod touch 3, 32GB and i have tried turning off multitasking and rebooting, nothings working, and 2 days ago it was working fine, then nek day, its unplayable lag again. BTW i live in Lower hutt.

  19. What? there is no ipod touch 5G, the white ipod touch was just a refresh on the 4th gen, so there is no ipod touch 5G

  20. ok guys its really time to edit this page. i will make a list of all the members i know and u guys can add more. we want the best and everyone has to prove it.

    • Thxs i had to create something fast, Sorry guys if your name isn’t in the hall of fame if you were once a member please just post you name and something you did that contributed to the clan, Thxs

  21. Hey guys, LEG3ND4RY here. I just wanted to say goodbye to USMC. This was the best clan in all of Modern Combat. Congratulations to Kitty, Black Ops, and Rob for all their success. Thank you for all the great times USMC. Mess with the best, die like the rest. R.I.P. USMC.
    Current GLL: ViSi0N
    You can find me on pal in USMC chat, [AES Clan], etc.

      • Nah I didn’t leave. I just put my name as USMC to commeomorate the great times I had here. Just one question, why is there a bunch of people in the hall of fame for “making it in”. The hall of fame should be for old-generation USMC. Like, (im not tryna start hate btw) but PIVMASTER wasn’t in USMC since the beginning, he joined after I did. And a lotta these guys shouldn’t be in the hall of fame for just getting in USMC. Make the hall of fame basically who you guys have as leaders and co leaders. And bond, dont forget bond.

  22. Legendary, usmc as a clan all of us deserve to be in the hall of freakin fame. We are a family here and all of us should count as a family. This is fucking usmc. This may be Rob’s fault for not putting much info. Come on, made it in? Lmao but for legemdary dude, as a clan all of us should be remembered

    • hey what am i suppose to say “don’t know much but he met are requirements” WTF give me something, but whatever at least i made some of sort of hall of fame

  23. Hey guys i really apologize for not being active for awhile. School is really taking hold of me an stuff. BUT HEY PIV! HEY ROB!!!!!! BLACKWING’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW ARE YOU??????


    • Uhm, good… Everybody at my place is getting sick. To get better it takes a week or more. :S and i have testweek while this is happening!!! Hope i wont get sick 🙂

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